Simpology’s methodology and tools harness the powerful potential of portable business logic to strengthen connections between lenders and distribution channels.

Beautiful Electronic Applications

Simpology’s Loanapp has been designed to satisfy the needs of both the Lender and the Broker.

The Loanapp Broker user interface is configured by the Lender, and can be dynamically modified in real time, guaranteeing compliance with ever-changing requirements and reducing costly communication and audit practices.

Every element of credit applications is included – application data, lender business logic, credit policy, serviceability, products, print forms and supporting documentation.

Brokers can effortlessly keep up-to-date with Lender requirements and introduce quality submissions with less effort, reduced rework and faster processing times.

Our Products

An electronic configuration of all the information a Lender requires a Broker to know to be able to submit approval ready applications.

Flexible, configurable, and delivering real time requirements directly to Broker fingertips.
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The tool we use to create, maintain and publish Electronic Guidebooks on behalf of Lenders.

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The end-user e-lodgement tool that ‘consumes’ Lender Electronic Guidebooks and presents to the Broker the exact Lender requirements as most recently published.

Loanapp is the tool that every broker will wish they had always had
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